Peer-to-Peer Dean Mentoring Program

Peer-to-Peer Dean Mentoring Program

Geared toward new, early career, and transitioning deans, matches made each year between experienced deans and early career deans to provide guidance, insight, and experience informed tips and tactics for leading academic nursing.

This program pairs seasoned deans with early career deans in the academic nursing field, fostering a mentorship dynamic where early career deans can gain invaluable guidance, insights, and strategies for effective leadership within the academic nursing landscape. Each pairing, consisting of a Mentor Dean and a Mentee Dean, is thoughtfully matched for the academic year ahead. Together, they collaborate to define objectives, including addressing specific challenges, navigating the academic nursing environment, expanding professional networks, forging partnerships, and leveraging AI programs and resources to foster growth and achieve success.

AI will strive to facilitate as many matches as needed, taking into account the available expertise, as indicated in the collected surveys. AI's Director of Academic Nursing Development will confirm these matches. Program participants will be surveyed twice throughout the academic year. Additionally, participants will have the chance to connect during AI membership meetings held in Washington, DC.

In the interest form, you'll have the opportunity to select your top three topics of interest that you'd like to explore with your mentor. These topics are thoughtfully designed to enhance your professional growth and effectiveness within the academic nursing environment:

  • Budgeting
  • Crisis Management
  • Development of New Programs
  • Distance Learning Programs
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Faculty Incivility
  • Faculty Management
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • Fundraising/Development
  • Interim Dean Issues
  • Negotiating with University or College Leadership
  • Succession Planning
  • Shared Governance
  • Student Recruitment
  • Upcoming Accreditation
  • Vision and Strategy
  • Well-being and Balance

Matching Timeframe: After you submit your online form, you will receive an email confirmation, and the matching process will commence. You should anticipate hearing from AI staff within two weeks regarding your match for consideration.

This program is designed to pair an experienced Guiding Dean (Mentor), who has held a chief academic officer role for 5+ years, with a Learning Dean (Mentee), who is either new to a deanship position or facing fresh challenges in their current role, with 0-5 years of experience. To participate, you must currently serve as a Dean at a member school.

If you meet the mentee eligibility criteria and are interested in participating in the program, kindly fill out the  mentee form. AI Staff is actively making matches for the current academic year.

If you're interested in volunteering as a mentor, please complete the mentor form. This will provide us with the necessary information to make suitable matches.


For more information, contact AI's Associate Director of Online Learning and Engagement Alexa Tehansky.