Featured Webinar Series

Exploring the Barriers to Inclusion for Nurses with Disabilities

Johns Hopkins University, DOCS with Disabilities Initiative, AI, Josiah Macy Foundation
The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation hosted a 3-part series of webinars for nurse educators on Exploring the Barriers to Inclusion for Nurses with Disabilities in partnership with AI, the Docs With Disabilities Initiative, and the Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center. See links below for webinar recordings, slide decks, and evaluation forms.

Webinar 1: Nurses with Disabilities in Training and Practice

Webinar 2: Removing Admissions Barriers for Nurses with Disabilities: Addressing Technical Standards

Webinar 3: Addressing Disability Accommodations and Inclusion through a DEI Lens

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Professional Journal Publishing: A Comprehensive Six-Part Series

Discover the secrets to successful professional journal publishing in our six-part webinar series. Gain invaluable guidance on navigating the publishing process, whether you're a seasoned academic or just starting your research career.

Publishing Part 1: Getting Started with a Topic and Selected Journal

Publishing Part 2: Deciding Authorship, Overcoming Writer’s Block, and Selecting Format

Publishing Part 3: Writing the First Draft and Completing the Final Version

Publishing Part 4: Responding to the Editor’s Decision

Publishing Part 5: Helping Grad Students Turn a Paper into a Publishable Manuscript

Publishing Part 6: The Key to a Successful Manuscript Review